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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Reflection give me an opportunity to look back and analyze my unique experience.
I accepted each experience is part of my life, no matter it is successes or failed.

In order to learning more about this job, I will get more information and be more prepared before entre .., so I need do some career research for my job. I use two way to research the qualities of the job. Firstly, is that I use the site of bureau of labor statistic to research career. Is expected to grow in the…, but I still think business is very competitive career choice because there are so many people want to entre this area.
The demand for my job increase/decrease by % .

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In reflection , there are also external voice from parents, friend, other people who already in this work area , my parents always want me to think more about my career and future. They are willing to listen my thoughts and share their experience with me.
One of career is be a marketer, I have relevant work experience ,be a trainee in a company, and they wish my team design a advertise a billboard beside high way.
I put what I learn from school to my work . my father give me a work opportunity in company. We need come out a ??? to introduce a to framer ,the point is high quality .., and the advertise is on beside high way, driver to see the advertise, we need attract customer for fewer seconds, there are few ??? come from my college, and each of us can share their idea, choose which is best or discuss …, I learn how to attract consumer attention. And I introduce every one pass by the billboard really quickly. So, I suggest use short simple word. This sentence need including benefit of our product. From my work experience , I have better understand of teamwork. Share idea is very important in this project.
Good teamwork can complete team project quicker and better.

This is a challenge for me, first time to do a work and need complete billboard advertising project, it is an opportunity to learn new things and.
There are different marketing methods like magazines, billboards and posters, TV and I also learned advantages and disadvantages of each and the different marketing effect that have on audience. From my work experience, I learned about there are various factors that we need to consider when choosing a marketing method such as budget cost, resources and time. In real life, we need ensure this advertising method is effective impacting on target audience.

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