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Shakespeare’s play Othello
(Desdemona’s Handkerchief)
Life and love are inseparable in most royal families and has no boundary. How could one be so moved into the love that it form the foundation for the downfall of an entire kingdom? General Othello must be very true competent in his love. The tragedies I have witnessed since I became a ma’am to Othello’s wife, Desdemona. Othello must be in true love with Desdemona. The gift of the handkerchief which he gave to her was a show of true love. That is romantic.
How I wish that my Iago could even give me such a gift or even a better one. What a mere handkerchief anyway? But, wait, my Iago has over the years been hunting over the mistress’s handkerchief, might there be a big deal in it? Could he be eyeing Desdemona? Am sure he is not as I am with the mistress most of the time.
I wonder if I will be doing the right thing giving it to him. Anyway Iago is my husband, I should just give him the handkerchief and show him how loyal I am to him. By doing that, I might be able to gain full trust as well as accomplishing a wife’s duty to her husband. Why does it matter to me anyways, he can have it!
Desdemona is a chastise woman and she really loves Othello. This handkerchief means the whole world to her since it is the first keepsake that the moor gave her. It is what connects them, it is like a cord between the mother and her baby in the womb! Why is it bothering me more than I thought? Oh dear lord; hope I am not committing the worst mistake of my life.
Iago once mentioned that the embroidery design of strawberry image on a white background reminds the bloodstains on a wedding night. That proved she was pure. Unfortunately, neither I nor the mistress is virgins anymore? Or maybe the handkerchief will “please his fantasy” (3, 3, 343). Luckily today; it is in my hand.
My duties are done on time. Support and offering mistress the help she needs. Yesterday was a special day I guess. Ordered to prepare the bed, and leave to my home to allow lovebirds to live to the fulfillment of their matrimony. On my way home, haunted by the handkerchief incidence makes me feel unworthy to have betrayed my mistress’s loyalty. Whatever the plan Iago is planning, must not affect their relationship. The handkerchief has the experience to be used to wipe the sorrowful emotions. How I wish that whatever the plan, be used to wipe the tears that fall to express the feeling of happiness.
I remember the happy times in the old days. It was days of joy, trust and oneness. It was my duty and responsibility to keep my lady safe from any harm but now… oh no now I have turned my back on her. Oh Iago, Iago, Iago. my dear Desdemona is innocent and dedicated to her lawful husband, Othello. She is a lady of dignity what on earth have I done?
Little may be known for now, as the future holds the unknown. Handing over the handkerchief to Iago will judge my future. The time bomb will go boom, however, will I survive? only the creator knows. How I wish my past action can have an opportunity to do a correction, I will assume I did not give away the handkerchief.
I cannot undo the past, but what am sure of is that my action will forever judge and haunt me. My focus is to concentrate on my future, doing the best I can achieve for the remaining time awaiting the eschatology. Whoever will survive, will take care of what would have remained.

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