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Shani Boxe
Professor Skinner
Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is a famous play that has been watched, read, and taught for many centuries in schools and other places. The play was written by William Shakespeare between 1599-1601 and has been seen as a classic piece of literature. Hamlet is about a prince named Hamlet who is trying to figure out who, or what, is responsible for his father’s sudden death. Upon his return to Denmark, he learns that his uncle, Claudius, has been crowned king and has also married his mother. While seeing his father’s ghost, he is told that Claudius may be responsible for his death. Revenge is one of the main themes throughout the play and effects the play as a whole. Hamlet’s desire to find out who killed his father is what is seen in the play. Revenge is the destructive in Hamlet because of the young prince’s delaying tactics and his method of finding the truth.

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