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A strategic environmental assessment (SIA) means to identify the likely impact of plan or policies related to the environment, and it shows the ways to get rid or minimize that effect. SEA provides excellent protection to the environment by making proper law and plans of a public considered and shows significant environmental impact.

SEA can provide proper opportunity to check the environmental policy or plan of the public, and it helps to make high authorities to make appropriate, for good outcomes of the environment. This plan is very challenging on one side but also very worth it. The benefit of the SEA while significantly outweighs the cost.

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• Well-defined plan: SEA can help to make more strategic, proper or systematic plans and it contributes the evidence by giving environmental information
• Protection of environment-It can advise to an authority who are creating the plan to get rid of the problem by making a solution of that problem
• Cost is reduced: by Appling this assessment we can reduce the cost by minimizing the remedial action
• Provide reasonable alternatives: Alternatives which came from the plan can secure more comprehensive benefits for the environment• Upgraded correspondence and straightforwardness: SEA can help improve the general population’s comprehension of an arrangement’s impact on nature, so they are better educated. The results of a viable SEA can address fundamental issues, or upgrade positive or helpful as implications for plans. It can give chances to people, in general, to comprehend the underlying problems and connect decidedly with the appraisal procedure. It is very well may be a functional apparatus, setting out how environmental impacts are to manage when the arrangement is actualized. The estimation of an SEA can be estimated in a few different ways. For instance, modifications to an agreement, in light of an appraisal, have come in various structures, from necessary changes to the wording of strategies to the evacuation of the entire proposition. These little adjustments can maintain a strategic distance from antagonistic ecological impacts, or improve positive ones. There are likewise models where SEA has secured a strategic distance from potential tremendous natural harm, for example, distinguishing and keep away from zones in danger of flooding; recommending changes to improvement designs with the end goal to lessen impacts on scene; perceiving the potential loss of imperative living space; and recognizing possible ruptures of European enactment.
Environmental impact assessment mainly focused on physical, ecological impacts and effects. EIA performed when there is a new organization or development such as mines, dams, roads or other company or industrial project. It is also important when there needed of licensing or permitting of activities are required. There are many types of ways that follow an EIA, and all study which done to save the environment done through comprehensive research and screening process. During monitoring or screening, `many factors contribute to the consideration: these include environmental effect both immediate, the economic feasibility of the mitigation process. The EIA sometimes regulates and determine based on Canadian Environmental agency act. These included finical assistance and the buying or selling of government land.

A high political profile characterizes EIA. is because EIA is where economics development pressure which is directly concerns about environmental protection. A government agency is responsible for complying with EIA requirement with respects to a project. In many EIA processes, screening, and comprehensive consider many factors. Like- environmental effects public comment. The EIA is the developing the consent for a project that can affect the environment only after having the proper environmental assessment of that effect. This assessment is depending upon the appropriate systematic data which is provided by the developer and which is finally organized by the government.

Goals and procedures of EIA
• To perceive, predict and survey the financial, ecological and social effect of advancement exercises.
• To provide data on the earth implications for central leadership or government.
• To advance ecologically steady and economic improvement.
• To distinguish proper choices and alleviation measures.

EIA is a lot greater and more perplexing in procedures since it is the critical piece of hazard the executives. There are three sorts of methods of EIA: a thorough report, screening, and class ecological appraisals. The far-reaching study is the most detailed systems, which It just executed when the administration office or office is associated with an environmental venture sitting tight for usage and is in charge of directing the EIA forms. Something else, the screening will be connected to decide if an undertaking will cause ecological effects and any task neglected to pass the testing exchanged to an exhaustive report. For the repetitive tasks with known none or low natural results, these undertakings will be appointed a security class once it passed the far-reaching learn at the first run through and will be permitted to continue in some other place consequently. It was not over when an undertaking passed the thorough examination, the development and observing will be connected to guarantee the venture is being executed obviously to maintain a strategic distance from potential mishaps from happening.
Fundamentally, EIA is significantly more imperative than SEA and possesses more bit of the whole hazard appraisal framework. EIA is vital in any natural activities; however, SEA is okay to beat all.

From last many years the production of the product, recycled or disposed of has attracted more attention in environmental policies. That Law is known as product policies (LCA). The main aim of this policies is to reduce the environmental effects in a very effective method. Mostly many business companies describe LCA as management that enables the business to become more responsible for reducing the pollutants by using less source of energy.
The primary key element in reducing the use of energy is;
• Reduce the intensity of goods and services
• Reduce toxic dispersion
• Material recyclability
• Increase the rate of sustainable use of renewable resources
• Increase product life
Increased efficiency reduced the income and made more focused on green products which can innovate the products as well as designs. Main product makers can reduce the cost through the combination of reuse and recycle. The main factors for prevention of environment from pollution are there should be applied to preventive doses of medicine which mainly focused on the cause of infection instead of symptoms. Compelling contamination anticipation requires arrangement producers and business to go past the distinguishing proof of specific issue substances and to address the more principal reasons for contamination in the current cycle of items and administrations.

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