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Usually at this age, if the person had children, they have already left the parents house and have their own life. Older adults can spend days, doing things which they always wanted to do, if they remain physically healthy. There is a lot of public work which the elderly person can carry out. There is time for walks; they can play bingo or do all sort of activity, be engaged in a favourite hobby. Doing it, people have an opportunity to make more friends. If all these needs are well satisfied, it is possible to call this process -normal ageing.
Physical requirements
The process of ageing at this stage already becomes very noticeable. The elderly person has thinner skin, and deep wrinkles are developing. Bones become fragile and the risk of fracture increases. Joints become rigid and painful. Even height decreases as the backbone are bent, also muscles become weaker. The balance of a body is broken, worsens perceptions of taste and smell. There are a partial loss of hearing and sight, blood pressure increases. The immunity, therefore deteriorates, elderly people are more often subject to infectious diseases. For the satisfaction of such necessary needs as health – to the person is required good rest, long hours of sleep, good nutritious food. Sometimes elderly people need to the help of social workers.
Cognitive needs
Elderly people still have many intellectual needs. Simply because they become older, doesn’t mean that they can’t be interested and study new things any more.
To elderly people communication with relatives and other people is very important. If they not in the connection, they can feel isolated and vulnerable.
After 65 cognitive ability considerably worsens, it is probable that causes it that they were out of education and professional
development during such a long time.
But, there are many ways by which it is possible to satisfy, support of cognitive needs. Older adults could go to evening classes,
to watch educational programs on TVs. If the person isn’t mobile at all, they could read the newspaper and magazines.
emotional requirements
Emotionally it is a hard time for the older adult. At this stage in their life they, perhaps, have lost many friends.
Elderly can feel isolated because of it. Elderly are very vulnerable; they are in the risk group of crimes and attacks. It is more difficult for them to protect themselves.
They can feel depressed because their life has lost an established routine (retirement).
At this age, the concern on health is increasing, as serious age diseases develop.
Close relatives, in hard cases – professional experts can help with emotional problems.

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