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Someone once said,”Two wrongs don’t make a right.” they were right. Revenge tends to consume a person causing them to act in a reckless way that goes against reason and logic. Some people believe that revenge is always unjustified, and a person set on revenge acts in anger and rationalizes their need for revenge as payback for a wrongdoing they committed. That revenge only hurts themselves and others around them and spreads from person to person almost like a disease.
When most people take revenge all they do is end up hurting themselves. In an essay, by Sir Francis Bacon, it states, “Wise men have enough to do with things present and future– therefore, they who labor in past matters do but harm themselves” (1). For instance, in the play Hamlet, the characters that take revenge throughout the tragedy all die in the end. “But then let a man beware: revenge on a man’s enemy when there is a law risks two for one” (Bacon 1)
Revenge and violence are like viruses that spread in a never-ending cycle. The article, Blocking the Transmission of Violence, says, “…violence directly mimics infections like tuberculosis and AIDS, and so, he suggests, the treatment ought to mimic the regimen applied to these diseases: go after the most infected, and stop the infection at its source” (Kotlowitz 4). Like an infectious disease, revenge can pass from one person to the next until everyone wants revenge on someone else.

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