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Course Number and Title: EN120 English Composition I
Assignment Number and Title: Assignment 02 – Descriptive Writing
Date of Submission: Saturday 21st April, 2018
Dominica – Nature Island of the Caribbean
Tall is her body – Waitukubuli, the name given to Dominica by the Kalinago people. The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the most memorable islands you could ever experience, whether it’s hiking through her mountains, swimming underneath her cascading waterfalls or getting immersed into a culture so rich it beams from her people. As soon as she’s sighted, her mountainous peaks encompass your mind with adventure; and, you quickly begin to wonder, “What secrets will I discover?” Beyond these bushy green walls, you will find calm, serene lakes which mother waterfalls that come in pairs, waterfalls that vary in jewel-like colors, and waterfalls that nurture the currents of Dominica’s many rivers. It is often said, “Wherever you may wander, in Dominica water is everywhere. Additionally, Dominica boasts of a diverse culture so perfectly tailored that the European, African and Kalinago influences are seamlessly stitched into the day to day lives of its population. The freshly baked cassava cakes of the Kalinagos, the Eurocentric attire of the working class, and the rhythm with which Dominicans walk – one can almost hear the African drums beating; certainly, the mouthwatering delicacies, the colorful national wear, the pulsating rhythms that inspire dancing, and the 3 local languages are more than enough to keep anyone intrigued. To summarize, Dominica is home to 9 active volcanoes, 365 rivers, the world’s second largest boiling lake, and she hosts a culture that’s diverse and alive in her people. Truly it can be said without a shred of doubt that Dominica is the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

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