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Students all over the world face a number of challenges which discourage them. It leads to sheer distress among the student community giving rise to student become restless. The rise major problem faced by students is bullying. There is verbal bullying, social bullying and physical bullying. Such behaviour leaves strong mental scars on the mind of the students. Usually, students face general symptoms of emotional imbalances as part of growing as adolescents and this become more pronounced because of the hectic student life.
Parents must teach their children from an early age that bullying is wrong. Parents need to see their older kids are trying to bully the younger one and rectify the behaviour immediately. If the child using abusive language or argument, parents must avoid using some language in front of children because they learn everything from adult. Parents must make it clear to their kids that they take bullying seriously and that they will not tolerate with that behaviour.
Besides that, parents also must develop clear and consistent rules within family for their kids behaviour. Parents and teachers raise and reinforce the kids for following rules and use non-physical, non-aggressive consequences for rule violations. Moreover, must spent more time with the kids and carefully supervise and monitor his or her activities. Find out who is the child’s friends are, how and where they spend their free time.
Parents always can share their concerns with the child’s teacher, counsellor or principal. Work together to send clear message to the child that the bullying must stop. If the child need extra help, can talk to mental health professional. Besides that, parents and teachers can build the child’s talents by encouraging them to get involved in pro-social activities such as clubs, music lessons, non-violent sports or yoga lessons.
Today’s young generations are tomorrow’s leader. So, parents, teachers, community and country has their own responsibilities and roles to overcome the challenges that facing by the students.

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