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Heritage Assessment
Heritage assessment tool is significant in providing a view of the whole assessment. This paper discusses usefulness of this tool in evaluating the needs of a person as a whole. It will discuss Mexican, Korean, and Colombian cultures and provide their comparisons. It will interview three families from three different cultures and bring out opinions of these families on about health restoration, maintenance and protection. It will also bring out common health traditions based on Korean culture and how the interviewed families subscribe to traditions and practices discussed.
Heritage is the extent to which a person reflects her or his culture via lifestyle. Nursing assessment is a whole segment to which heritage assessment is part of it. It provides the nurse with a wider view patient’s culture. The nurse can collect information concerning values and health about health. Heritage consists of a person’s beliefs, family, religion and ethnic community. This tool assists the nurse to gather more information about the patient.
Usefulness of heritage assessment
Importance of heritage assessment has numerous dimensions. This nursing tool is significant in a number of ways. The nurse is able to get positive outcomes and a preferred degree of satisfaction to patient. It ensures that a patient gets a sufficient care. Through proper heritage, patients are able to get full enjoyment of good health from health-care facilities. Through heritage assessment, nurses are able to know the requirements of their patients and also work in different cultural environments providing best health-care services. When needs of patient are identified, the nurse is able to know what is best and what is not good for his or her patient. This consequently contributes to the quick recovery and health of the patient. Patients also feel appreciated by the health-care facilities.
Heritage assessment of the whole person makes nurses to develop cultural sensitivity. When they develop this cultural sensitivity mindset, they are able to provide services that are culturally appropriate. Lastly, importance of a nurse using heritage assessment too; is that, they are able to understand cultural similarities and differences, situations and social factors of the patients.
Comparison of Mexican, Korean, and Colombian cultures

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