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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

(Microbial for disease control in ornamentals)
Microbial: – Microbials are a group of agricultural products that contain beneficial microbes like fungi and bacteria. It can be applied directly to seed or sprayed on plant.
IPM (Integrated Pest Management): – it is an eco-friendly strategy to control the population of pests below the economic injury level.
A systems approach to insect management: –
• IPM (Integrated pest management)
• Prevention and invention
• Often result of resistance to insecticides
Top disease needs: – VRIC Survey 2018
• Clean start strategies
• Sanitization and Strategies
• Information on the timing of applications
Steps for IPM and Microbial disease control: –
• Know your enemy: diagnosis and prevention: – Identify the symptoms properly and know about the pest. Proper diagnosis is a key. Treating for the wrong pathogen is wastage of time and money.
• Sanitization: – Always use the clean surface for prepare organic matter. Sanitize surfaces with sterilizing agents. With sanitation, 5% of loss is reduced. Always use clean water lines and check the quality of water.
• Influencing factors: – Many factors can influence the efficacy of disease severity even substrate. The substrate could play a role in disease severity. Always use disease-free substrate. The quantity of water and pH of the soil is also responsible for diseases.
Benefits of microbials: –
• More “generalist” than chemicals.
• Reduced disease impact by 50%.
• Applied both in propagation and production.
• Helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen.
• Create humus in the soil.
• Helps to recycle nutrients.

Bio-fertilizers are made from natural materials. They are beneficial for crops. Nurture growth’s innovation is based on “Biomimicry” science that helps to promote plant growth, health, and development.
Ingredients: –
Biofertilizers consist of green compost, waste material, waste food material, and other organic material. All these ingredients undergo a fermentation process. For the fermentation process, natural enzymes added artificially. The process of pasteurization is used to eliminate the pathogens. These microorganisms colonize the root nodules or the interior of the plant and promote plant growth, health, and development by increasing the supply of micro and macronutrients to the plant.
Benefits: –
• Safe to use
• Increases crop yield by 10-25%
• Increases the fertility of the soil
• Promotes strong root growth
• Improve root proliferation due to the release of growth hormones
• Increases the phosphorus content of the soil
• Increases the phosphorus content of the soil
• Used for all purpose to increase quality and quantity
• 100% natural ingredients
Quantity: –
One acre of crop required 1 gallon of bio-organic fertilizer.
Usage: –
Bio-organic fertilizers are used for commercial application as well as residential application.
Commercial application: –
• Nurseries and Greenhouses
• Farms (fruits and vegetables)
• Vineyards
• Turf farms

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Residential applications: –
• Flowers and vegetables
• Trees and Shrubs
• Soil amendments

Job interest: –
There are number of jobs in this area, but I would like to do the job of sale representative. I want to tell the people about organic fertilizer and aware them about the harmful effects of chemical to our life. I have little bit skills to give knowledge to the people, but I would like to learn the more abilities about this job.

2. Perlite and Vermicompost for Horticulture (Whittemore company INC)
Perlite: – Perlite is a natural growing media for outdoor gardening that is easy to use as well as eco-friendly. It is very good for propagation. It can be used as solely or with peat moss, sand, and other media.
Three types of perlite: –
Fine: – The size of perlite is usually smaller than 1mm.
Medium: – The size of coarse perlite is larger than 1mm.
Coarse: – The size is usually larger than 2mm.
Benefits: –
• Perlite is a porous substance it offers good water retention and drainage.
• It provides aeration which is important for root growth.
• Safe to use.
• Neutral pH
• Strengthens root growth.
Vermicompost: – Vermicompost is the process in which worms turn into organic wastes into compost. The compost contains water-soluble nutrients and rich organic material.
Benefits: –
• Improves soil aeration.
• Improves water holding capacity.
• Increases water holding capacity.
• Balances the pH of the soil.
• Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield.
• Create humus in the soil.

Job interest: –
I would like to do nutrients researcher job in this field. With this, I can understand the accurate quantity of nutrients in this compost. I would like to earn abilities for this job. With this job, I can gain more knowledge about organic fertilizer.

Opinion about Greenhouse Conference Report
In my perspective, this conference was very useful for gaining knowledge about the different areas. With this, we can know about manures and fertilizers and know about the chemicals to increase the quality and quantity of the crops. It was very useful for students as well as farmers because with the help of this conference they know which crop give them more profit with less expenditure.
Overall, the experience at this conference was very good. I learned many new techniques and met employers to gain the proper knowledge about the specific field. I also learned more about greenhouse and know about the different kinds of jobs.

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