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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

SWOT SWOT Analysis:
– All-day Appointments available
– They follow successful companies to apply them to their company.
– Doing Lots of conferences to develop plans to manage and develop the company to increase profits.
– Develop plans to solve problems that the company directed

– Lack of efficiency of drivers
– Low availability of buses numbers.
– There is no balancing control or follow up company plans.
– Bad contact network of buses maintenance before and between trips.
– Drivers did not arrive on time (delay trips arrival).
– Lack of route services. Threats:
– The presence of advanced competitor companies. (Go Bus, SWVL) – They do Not creating environment that attract people, so people start to use alternative companies.
– Lack of financial resources.
– Ease of finding and applying advanced technology. (Electronic maps)
– The government must help the company with financial resources.
– Enhancement of route network by creating expansion decisions.
MY Vision:
By reaching 2030 I hope this bus company will reach its fame by creating a convenient and sophisticated environment of transportation among other institutions in the market with precision, excellence, quality and respect for its passenger and employees. with continuous development of buses and travelling routes services to create such a comfortable environment that the costumer will enjoy spending time in it and in selecting their employees and respect for their customers by offering high quality environment and services
To achieve my vision, the company should take these points into consideration. – Introducing Number of road units for care, rescue and services
– Plenty of places to rest on travelling routes
– Bus networks connected to each other and the presence of alternative bus stations on the roads travel.
– The presence of emergency telephones on the roads to know the location of the buses to help them and reach them in the fast in cases of emergency.
– Develop and create more comfy buses. – Electronic timetables and maps to save time and know exactly how much time the trip will take.
– Creating special buses for tourism by highlighting to them the available places that they can visit.

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