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Samsung SmartWatch 1
HTA diagram 4
Design principles of Samsung Gear Watch 6
Conclusion 8
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Samsung Galaxy Gear is an advanced smartwatch manufactured by Samsung Electronics in the family of Samsung devices. It was launched on September 25, 2013.
The purpose of this device is they offer mini-computer device. They provide more than old watches and are full of digitally advanced systems and apps can be run and different forms of audio or radio are played. The galaxy gear is made up of Dual Core 1600 MHz Exynos 4212 system chip. It has a memory of 512 MB and storage of 3 GB. Samsung Galaxy gear offers notification option which is one of the vital reasons to buy it (Curry, Biasotti & Huitema, 2017). It helps to see the messages without opening our mobile phone and in turn help to save time
Samsung Galaxy gear does not provide playing games and download of software. There is some restriction when comes to social platform usage through these watches. These watches allow us to interact with the digitally advanced watches just the same way we interact with our phones. These watches have the feature of providing fitness services including health applications that are running, heart rate tracking, monitoring the sleep, scheduling of important events, showing notifications and answering calls.
HTA diagram

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Other features

Design principles of Samsung Gear Watch
The gear watch is worn on the wrist and it provides smooth interaction with users within a few seconds and it shows a circular display of information. Increase the scanability of the app by providing a task that can be completed within few steps.

Easy to Follow
Meaningful, compatible and innate designs which help the user to sail across the page and place themselves inside the application.

Consistent Theme
Provide a consistent customer experience by providing the feature of visual continuation. Accordant layout, font display and brand colour are some of best features.

The smartwatch responses immediately with perfection to the inputs provided by the user. Good responses instil in the user confidence and perfect control of the device.

The aesthetic features provide desirability and allow the user to download apps.
The watch is fashionable and stylish that contains graphics and typographic features that make all the apps more attractive.
GPS is inbuilt which is required to detect the location and tracking GPS data.
Speech text
With the feature of voice input allowing users to interact and perform quickly various actions such as replying to calls, searching for information.
My rating would be 4 here.
Find my phone feature is a part of finding my gear in which the watch beeps if one has the mobile phone but not the smartwatch. It has an excellent battery life and rotating bezel feature. It comes cheaper in price compared to Gear S3.IT consists of Bluetooth features, 4g supportive facilities and a metallic body (Inouye & Huitema, 2017). The two buttons provide and the rotating bezel feature offers an excellent navigating feature allowing movement through applications. It is very tactile when rotated and compatible with all versions of Android 5.0 and above and even works with IOS 9 and iPhone. Stress management features with different types of exercises and workout sessions are provided in the watch. It maintains a track record of stress level and reminds us to breathe to decrease the stress level inside us. Overall it is an enthralling device that Samsung has made till now.
My rating here is 4.1
The screen size of the watch should be increased little to provide the little information which most of the phone characterize. The watch and the phone are in close with each other, the phone gets unlocked automatically. If the phone could not detect the smartwatch, the user will have to enter the password to open the phone. Password entering is a time-consuming process, therefore, a simple and easy way for logging in by the passwords that are stored in the smartwatch. Emails are not shown on the gear screen; just a notification showing new email received is displayed. So the feature of reading the first few lines of the email or may be the address of the sender should be incorporated inside Samsung gear watches.

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