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Technologies, such as the internet have made it easier for people to get an education. Online learning is becoming the preferred way to learn because of the flexibility it gives the learner, having the option to complete study in their own time and the comfort of being able to access and complete study in their own homes (Smith, 2013). Students are benefiting from being able to have flexible schedules that are convenient for them by having access to online study. Online learning has made it easier for people with disabilities to access university education by using adaptive programs such as Talk-to-text and voice activated programs (Hosler, 2014). Many of which who cannot access education facilities because of the degree of their disability or serious health conditions that stop them from being able to travel to facilities. Once again, the flexibility of learning in the comfort of their own homes is beneficial for that individual. People with visual impairment use braille keyboards and those with hearing impairments can access a number of technological accommodations including video lectures with subtitles (Hosler, 2014). With this sort of technology, it offers the opportunity to communicate with teachers and students without having to sign (Hosler, 2014). Technology in the 21st century has enhanced how students of all abilities access teaching and learning at a university level (Hosler, 2014). Whilst every student whether they have disabilities or not can benefit off doing an online degree course, that suites their life and learning styles. Each must consider researching before starting an online course. Find out what sort of support is given, technological and from the instructors, as this will help them in being successful in their study.

Technologies such as computers have enhanced learning by providing many resources of altered ways of teaching and learning. A computer can repeat materials numerous times until it is sufficiently understood helping students to retain the subject content better (Daniel, 2011). It can also help teachers by assisting them by tutoring students on more specific areas that they may be struggling in (Daniel, 2011). Computer learning can engage the students interest motivating them to learn and increasing independence and personal responsibility for education (Daniel, 2011). Douglas, (2000) supports “whilst study results vary there is substantial evidence that computer assisted instruction (CAI) can enhance learning at all education levels”. In the 21st century with the use of computer assisted instruction as well as in the learning and teaching process shows vast contributions in the development of education globally and nationally (Daramola, Florence Olutunu., Professor, Yusuf Olalere., 2018). Computer assisted instruction in the teaching and learning process has not only facilitated learning but will make learning permanent and could further lead to national development (Daramola, Florence Olutunu., Professor, Yusuf Olalere., 2018).

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Technologies such as the internet and devices can assist students to complete university study and tasks with the flexibility to view resources in their own time. If a lecture has been missed by a student for some reason, they can get onto a computer with an internet connection and access that lecture and take their notes at home like they usually would in a lecture class. With the use of computer technology in the 21st century, it has made it easier for students to keep up to date with the workload. With programs such a Moodle which most universities now use, they can look at the progress of their learning and can keep up to date with tasks and assessments by being able to view course content of their subject, due dates of assessments and required readings for that subject (). Here are just a few of the examples of the advantages of choosing online study; Access to learning materials, Up to date content, Flexibility in time, Flexibility in location (Magdalene. R & Sridharan. D, 2018). As Henderson, Selwyn and Ashton (2017) states “Digital technologies are now at integral aspect of the university student experience. As such, academic research has understandable focus on the potential of various digital technologies to enable, extend and even enhance student learning”.

Technologies such as mobile phones help to make it easier for university students education outside of the classroom in the 21st century. In this century universities that offer higher learning courses are moving towards mobile wireless technologies. Students can download audio and video lectures their smart phones (Corbeil., & Valdes-corbeil, 2007). They can play audio, video, display and edit text documents; access e-mail and Web content. (Corbeil., & Valdes-corbeil, 2007). Users can also access information globally. Smart phones support interactive learning. Mobile technologies support learning experiences that are collaborative, accessible, and integrated with the world beyond the classroom (Corbeil., & Valdes-corbeil, 2007). It is great for reviewing course content, it can enhance student-centered learning, enhance interaction between and among students and teachers. If a student is needing help with a task it makes it easier for the student to communicate with the teacher to seek assistance. Teachers also benefit off being able to access services and interact with students while on the move. The added benefit of anytime anywhere access to course content is a benefit. If appropriately facilitated, mobile learning can benefit learners by providing instructional materials and interaction through their mobile devices wherever and whenever they need it. Mobile devices provide communication and the use of portable electronic information gathering and sharing. Mobile devices are useful in everyday experiences and are becoming a convenient source of information with the added benefit of communication that assists with learning.

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