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Technology has helped human beings to overcome the obstacles of time and space. It has made possible for the people to become more socially active. The impact of technology especially in teenagers is hard to understand as it has both positive and negative aspects. According to a survey, more than 85% of undergraduate students use social networking sites on daily basis. Its over expanding obsession in teens is increasing day by day (Derosier and James p. 237). Children between fourteen to eighteen years of age are also reported to be involved in building strong social bonds or relationships with their own age group teens through technology which eventually result in the feeling of emotional stress and depression. It is important to know the appropriate use of the gadgets or social media in order to avoid negative social impact on society in the modern world.

Positive Impact Of Technology In Teens
In 2015, the Pew Research Center reported the fact that more than 92% of teens have made habit of using social networking websites due to the access to the smartphones and internet. According to their parents, the exposure of their kids to the technology makes them more connected, informed and literate about the modern world. It helps the children to complete their assignments easily without wasting their time in search of information from multiple books related to concerned topics (Lee and Alexis pp.20-25). The social technologies make the teens busy and creative in their leisure time. The news and daily updates on television make them aware of the outside world. Documentary movies on different channels are helpful to develop their interest in different subjects and make them more smart and intellectual.
Scientific learning and research has become more convenient due to fast networking. Nowadays, teens are more independent, confident and self-reliant due to the availability of gadgets. The brains of the growing children are frequently exposed to the digital technology which helps them to learn new things faster than the previous generations. Their brain learns to be more focused and imaginative due to excessive reading articles available on internet (Stenzel and Melissa pp.1-10).
According to a research, uninterrupted text reading results in better understanding and faster completion of assignments. Even some important products and advertisements can be memorized by using visual aids and presentations. This not only gives positive information but also grabs attention of the teens by providing a little fun and entertaining environment. Moreover, slow learners can also improve their vocabulary, subject understanding and critical thinking and visual-spatial capabilities with the help of visual media. Video games also increase attention span and ability to identify details in children. This clearly proves that the advancement in the technology has positive impact in the development of brain in human species with the passage of time (Claster et al. pp. 21-25).

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Negative Impact Of Technology In Teens:
Frequent use of excessive technology is creating negative impact on teens in the modern world which can be threatening and devastating for the new generation. It exposes children to inappropriate content that easily provides an opportunity to behave in a reckless way on social media. They completely rely on the information available on internet which has shown a decrease in creativity and increase in their ability to scan information without putting any effort. Students having complete access to internet in the classroom do not bother to recall the lecture due to which they struggle to take better grades in assessments (Derosier and James p. 237).
Excessive use of technology has made children less capable of remembering the information and more efficient in finding readymade articles within no time. Too much screen time does not give them the opportunity to involve in other extracurricular activities which involve positive physical activities. Due to the availability of excessive information, teens are found more distracted and confused which results in lack of imagination and less attention span. According to a survey, teachers also complain that they find technology as a double-edged sword when it comes to learning.
According to the author Jean Twenge, teens are suffering more from mental health which problems these days which include severe depression and anxiety as they spend maximum time on screen. 27% of eight graders are heavy users of social media sites and feel more depressed due to mental health issues. In 2011, committing suicides by teens are reported to be more frequent due to excessive exposure to digital world and unnecessary online relationships. Sarah Rose Cavanagh says that the growth of children has slowed down due to easy access to smartphones. In order to overcome this problem, parents should replace the smartphones with flip phones (Stenzel and Melissa pp.1-10).
The lives of the teenagers seem to revolve around the world full of gadgets. Technology has become an essential part of their everyday life and has turned them completely into digital natives. No one can deny the fact that internet and social media have connected the people from all over the world which result in supportive relationships. Teens use it as an effective educational tool and enhance their skills to analyze and create contents in order to add value for themselves and the people around them.

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