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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The aim in this experiment was to study on how the frictional flow of liquid in pipe correlates with the relationship in the liquids Reynolds number. In this experiment we observed two types of fluids flow namely : laminar and turbulent flow. With the aid of the Moody chart the theoretical friction factor were extracted and compared with the values obtained experimentally. Thus it was found that going below the 2000 Reynolds Number mark the flow was in laminar state and that the friction factor corresponds to the theoretical value of 64/Re. Going more than 2000 Reynolds Number the flow fluctuates and has more movement in it . The main culprit for the variation in the results was due to errors which happened during the experiment were such as parallax errors when observing the measuring scales, impurities and air bubbles present in the water and tube respectively, inaccuracies in handling the stop watches & and finally the fact that the experimental guesses made during the calculations aren’t completely true in reality compared to where the experiment took place.

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