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The batch technique is the way to make the adsorption of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes onto [email protected]. 0.1 g of dyes in 100 ml of distilled water make stock solution. 25 ml of dye solution with known concentration and pH was put with 0.1 g of [email protected], shaking it for 1 h and filtering it. The remaining solution was determined spectrophotometrically to get concentration at maximum wavelength for Br.G at 620nm, To.B at 623 nm, while Tr.B at 598 nm. The results help to get C? and Ce which they are initial and remaining dye solution for dyes. Volume (V) is the of dye solution contacted to sorbent and mass (m) is the mass of the sorbent. The following equations to know the percentage removal (%E) and amount of dye adsorbed on the sorbent (Q, mmol/g)
%E=(C?-C_e)/C?×100 (1)
Q=C?EV?m (2)

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