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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

As the booming growth of industrial sector in the world and fast growing economy have made college and graduate degree more crucial in the contemporary job market, it has end up an increasing number of essential to find ways to stand out and offer a competitive advantage. The personality traits like self-confidence, curiosity and continually keen to discover and revel in new matters, I have decided to pursue a master’s degree in “The United States of America”, as to get the exposure of its world-class education system, state of the art technology and to be a part of community of a diverse student body. I believe that it will give a crucial edge to my career.
I am pursuing civil engineering as my undergraduate major from Charotar University of Science and Technology (Charusat University), affiliated to AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education), UGC (University Grant Commission) and accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with ‘A’ grade.
I would like to introduce myself as an active, diligent and optimistic person. Since childhood I was interested in making buildings, I used to play games that involves making buildings like LEGO. With each year passing I started following the programs of how the famous skyscrapers made and how the construction is being done. I was always fascinated about buildings and construction. So I realize that my career would be around the field that dealt with construction. My father being civil engineer added to my further inspiration to define my career goals.
About undergraduate studies, it is a foundation and is built on in subsequent years. As I entered into the deep ocean of civil engineering I learned subjects like surveying, fluid mechanics, building construction, structural analysis, design of structure, etc. from this pool I discovered myself inquisitive about construction technology and management. Graduate study a sequel to undergraduate study opens up new avenues to explore and helps one define a wider range of career objectives.
During my undergraduate study my attitude was always towards learning and getting knowledge and not just for grades, though I was able to put up good grade on the board. To explore more in this field I took part in various structural events organized by different universities. Along with my team we have made an arch bridge in Nirma University, Ahmedabad, gentry crane in M S University, Vadodara, and many more popsicle stick structures for competitions. Our biggest success was when we had secured top 5 rank at Indian Institute of technology (IIT-BOMBAY) Techfest-2015 which is Asia’s largest technical festival. We had made cable suspension bridge with popsicle sticks, the bridge weighs 1 kilograms and when tested our bridge carried 135 kilograms of weight. In my third year I joined Rajkamal builders infrastructures private limited, For my summer training. It was a construction of sewage treatment plant of 78 MLD (millions of liters per day). The total cost of the project was 105 corers. Their I got chance to learn various construction techniques, interpretation of design drawings and how the planning and schedule has done on site.
Construction industry is different from manufacturing plants as every construction project is unique, no two are alike. It requires experience and thorough knowledge of the construction industry, applicable management skills. To garner my skills I am going to do my final year’s internship at Transpek industry limited, Vadodara. The construction of a chemical plant is going on there.
Throughout my school and college life I have always involved in various extra-curricular activities. I believe that there are certain skills like teamwork, sportsman spirit; communication skills can only be developed by taking part in different activities. I played cricket and table-tennis during my college life. I participated in many seminars and workshops. I usually was forefront in organizing events, I was a coordinator in COGNIZANCE 2016 ; 2017 (National level Technical festival of my college) and additionally accomplished campaigning for the same. I was also a member of organizing committee of SPOURAL (Cultural festival of my college). As I always want to know something more, I have attained two online certificate courses. One is Business communication skill offered by Alison and project planning and control offered by NPTEL (IIT- MADRAS).
The path work of civil engineering is uncovered me to diverse factors of construction industry and helped me amplify my information. The subjects which I enjoyed maximum are design of structure, building and town planning, construction management and professional practices. I loved theoretical component as it’s far critical to create a base knowledge, but I always emphasize extra on practical element of the subject.
During my undergraduate examine and internship length i have learnt estimation, scheduling and planning involving PERT, CPM, WBS etc. In conjunction with this i now need to examine and discover more inside the construction planning and cost control, Advance estimating, sustainability and green building and safety management etc., to enhance my mind and to perform my excellent with the good university like yours in USA. I consider that if the principle of construction management is carried out and prolonged nicely in the industry, it might bring about superior quality, cost & time effective, safe and velocity production. I want to look myself as an incredible contributor in the construction industry by turning into an excellent civil engineer, which would be for betterment of society.
I strongly trust that your university would be an ideal location for me to pursue my graduate studies, I want to canalize my know-how and make my existence large with the aid of becoming a member of your university.
Thank you for considering the application.

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