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The book market in Britain: This market of literature is animated by both literary debates and by advertising of authors and books through media, also by television and film adaptations.
2- The relationship between literature and universities: Universities have played a great role in the evolution of contemporary British literature. They have produced the art of literary theory and literary criticism by which literature is influenced as well as many contemporary writers and editors becomes university lecturers.
3- Adaptations of literary works for television and the cinema: Many novelists and playwrights try to combine their literary works with writing screenplays through television or film adaptations, such that of Jane Austin’s Emma.
4- The minorities in English literature: Women and post- colonial writers: Feminism also has played a big role in literary criticism since it has forced post –war female writers to write about different female issues at that period .
Another factor that participates in the progression of post-war English literature is that those writers, from the British ex-colonies and from other nationalities, who use English in their writings to express the experience of colonization (ibid).

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