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The book which I read was “Making India awesome” by Chetan Bhagat. He is one of the famous writers and he is famous for his novels like “Five point someone, one night @ the call center, The mistakes of life, Revolution 2020″ etc., He addresses the readers about that this book may not deals with romance here, the thrilling moment while turning the next page which would not be like that. This book which totally about the current political environment and public situation. He directly says that this essay mention the ruling party BJP which came to power in 2015. They are the center point of battling several problems. But they try to blame the senior politicians. He also says the rule 80:20 that is 80% of youth they didn’t care about polaya d government. He called them as ” self focused indifferent Indians” remaining 20% of people care about these and all are called as “caring but aligned Indians”. In this 20% the 4% of youth actually care about conuntry and interested in political issues called as “caring objective Indians.
2015 Vs 2011-2014: It was a good thing to compare the two mood of nation. In 2012 his book called “What young India wants” about different his thoughts about the nation, like if there is no issue. The growth of social media allowed the collection of public opinion like never before which and all helped people to unite their anger against corruption. We believed that Congress lead government was a fault. Thus party ruling the country for 60 odd years and in power of 90% of independent Indians life. This seems the obvious reasons for the nations( deposit sorrow) or grief.
A recap of 2011-2014: The Anna hazzare movement that had a end game, a solution of sorts, which made it different from previous protest against the corruption. The UPA government dithered and the Anna movement created new party called Aam Aadhmi Party. While Anna hazzare withdrew from the political, it gave birth to new political rock star called ARAVIND KEJRIVAL a smart, media savvy, young and from humble background. People call kejrival as the solution for the Indians crisis at Delhi. People liked him but many politicians thought that he was inexperienced nd people liked home to be the future political leader and the gap was created and another leader arises called NARENDRA MODI . The current PM of India and his successful Gujarat story cemented him towards the PM of India. Then the new government came to power, ministers worked for many hours, nee initiatives like SWACHH BHARATH and was well received tax terrorism multiplied. But in Delhi status election in February 2015 Arvind kejrival won 67/70 in Delhi and BJP rule atleast ended in Delhi.
Hope and disappointments : Every party tried their best but no one have clear path is visible. The problem are in the system the realisation of Indian problem won’t go away by changing government . The young should turn to describe anything that is cool, worthy of respect and essentially inspires everyone.
What we should do: Transforming society values is essentially important. At best, we hate the politicians who gets to steal. For example : if you want to cheat. Cheat with the ticket collector in trains about the kids age and a pay a bit of money to avoid a big traffic fine. It is our society core values that guide us we have learnt that places of worship should be treated with respect and removing a our shoes outside of temple in our way of showing deference while entering into temple. Now, if only we felt the same way about corruption! Welly, hopefully we will, one day. So these are the details which he gave and explained about the political situation in Indian system.

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