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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The chalk however has numerous advantages which have made it remain dominant in classroom teaching even with the emergence of modern alternatives. The advantages include versatility, drawing the students’ attention, ease of usage and the financial economy involved. The chalkboard is a linking tool between the teacher and the students in that it works as a technique to draw the students’ attention. If the students are distracted in one way, the teacher can write something on the board to get their attention. It makes it easier for students to make their presentations after group work and also eases the understanding of a topic if it is written on the chalkboard as opposed to getting the topic from the text Books. As opposed to the interactive whiteboard, the teacher is more attentive to their own hand writing and teaching phonemes where they are required to literally demonstrate the scribbling the symbols on the chalkboard. While using the interactive whiteboard a teacher can decide to copy-paste the symbols and project them on the interactive white board: that slowly kills their skill of writing although they are teaching students a vital skill-writing.

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