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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The Energy efficient clustering routing protocols (EECRP) has received focus greatly in wireless sensor network. In this protocol, the low powered compact sensing nodes are separated into different minor groups such as clusters. The Cluster Head (CH) is elected from among these nodes, with the intention of taking more responsibilities than other member nodes (cluster members) in the cluster. The main job of a CH is aggregations of data collected from the member nodes and forwarding it to the Base Station (BS). Various kinds of energy efficiency based clustering prototypes have been investigated in the literature 5, 6, 7. The following study explains some energy aware clustering and Quality of service (QoS) aware routing prototypes, and also about their major contributions, and boundaries. The Equalized Cluster Head Election Routing Protocol (ECHERP) 8 is based on the method of balanced clustering. In the QHCR protocol,

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