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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The ethical hacker using the knowledge they gain to do malicious hacking activities.
Allowing the company’s financial and banking details to be seen.
There’s a possibility that the ethical hacker will send and/or place malicious code, viruses, malware and other destructive and harmful things on a computer system.
Massive security breach.
These are not common; however, they are something all companies should consider when using the services of an ethical hacker.

The threat hackers pose to businesses is finally being taken seriously as more e-commerce and mobile app-based service providers are taking concrete steps to address the loopholes in their networks. A recent survey conducted by KPMG across various industries had stated that 94% of companies perceive cybercrime as the major threat to business; as many as 72% of the companies faced some sort of cyber-attack over just the past year. What is even more shocking is that 78% of these companies do not even have a cyber-incident response plan. These statistics have brought to light that companies and startups operating in India are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and need stronger security safety measures.
The root cause of increasing cyber-attacks is the severe talent crunch in the number of skilled and trained professionals in the field. Ideally, a firm must have a dedicated team of ‘white hat’ hackers working to continuously test and improve the organization’s network.

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