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The Evolution of Social Media Prevalence Amongst Undergraduate Class Structure?

Casey Qualls

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Dr Sara Peters

University of South Carolina


As technology grow the topic of social media has been brought up in many scholastic converstions.One may wonder how does social media play a role in student academics.Some may believe as undergraduate students that social media effects may change as a student matriculates throughout their undergraduate studies.The LORAF Institute has came up with the hypothesis that different collectives of students via classification should should differ in the amount of social media accounts possessed, and how they play a role in social interaction.


The sample of students range from freshman to senior undergraduates in which they were surveyed how many social media accounts do they possess to determine whether a correlation exist or not.The amount of social media accounts ranged from 1-8. .Each student was asked their age,classification,and amount of social media accounts that they use on a concurrent basis.The ages of the participates range from eighteen to twenty-four.The average social media accounts that freshman possessed was 5.The average social media accounts for sophomores was 4.The average social media accounts for juniors was 4.The average for seniors was 3.The results of the research supported the hypothesis and reinstated that underclassmen tend to have more social media accounts than upperclassmen.

Figure 1

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