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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The Help is a beautiful story about friendship between women who were willing to cross lines and take risks in a time when it was dangerous to make waves or call for change that could result in violence. These women demonstrated a courage that is inspiring and that is what I think makes this book worth sharing others. This book has characters in it that I was able to empathise with and those, of course, who I disliked. The way in which Kathryn Stockett has written about her characters is so believable that that the story was untrue and as I was reading this book, it didn’t cross my mind at all that it was fiction because everything Kathryn Stockett wrote about seemed so believable. It is told in alternating viewpoints from the three main characters which I don’t usually like in books, but this book worked really well and ensures that both sides of the story in this book were seen; from the League ladies such as the truly horrible Miss Hilly, to the maids who work for them and basically raise their children.

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