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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The importance of the having display boards in classrooms and around the school as a whole is that it provides an insight of what the children are able to do in lessons and what is expected from the subject, along with using boards provided as a source of revision especially for those in their final years heading towards their exams as having a bright, informative and impacting display board may stand out in their thoughts when taking their exams and revising for certain subjects. The purpose of the display boards is as stated previous as they have a significant importance for the students to feel their work is appreciated which is then an example to other students. For teachers it’s to show students what should be expected from each other or for the teacher to take time and put together a piece that the students can then use in lessons and learn from it and rely on finding information out for themselves rather than asking the teacher each time. It is always a good way of getting other subjects known throughout the school too, especially when there are option evenings coming up for the year 8’s progressing into year 9 and they wish to know a bit more about certain subjects and what kind of work they may face when choosing what path to take. Aside from subject display boards however, the school also provide display boards that cover health and safety, hygiene and health, sexual health, bullying or other forms of abuse that students can take note from and if have questions or wish to discuss topics they know what room to go to or what teacher or member of staff to look out for – as it would be stated on the display board.

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