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The intended audiences of this Software Requirement Specification for blood donation system are

1. The developing team
The team shall refer this document during the implementation phase to verify whether the system is developed according to the functional and non-functional requirements mentioned in this document.

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2. Testers
Testing is done after the development of the system. Before the handing over the system the testers check whether the output given by the system is with accordance to what is declared in this document or not.

3. Document writers
When writing the user manual and the final report, this document shall be used.

4. Project Supervisor
The supervisor shall refer this document to find out whether the developing team is working on the project as stated.

5. Relevant personnel in National Blood Transfusion Service who is the client.
If any changes are needed to be made in the system requirements mentioned in this document, the administrator shall use this document for reference and inform the development team about the changes needed. And when Acceptance testing is taken place, soon after the development of the system, client shall refer this document to verify whether the requirements are satisfied or not.

Since the SRS is a legal document between the Client and the Developing Team, it will be frequently reviewed by the above audience to check if the different phases or stages of the project are being completed by meeting the given requirements.

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