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The meaning of humanity has been a complicated and uncertain effort to humans. The meaning of humanity rely’s with the support of worldview in which we are developed in. Worldview is something that confines humans throughout their whole life, guiding the way you live. The decisions you make and how you see things come from your worldview. Many people use science, philosophy, culture/religion, literary text, and art to help shape their worldview. Other people use experiences they go through to shape their worldview. My family, religion, and experiences have personally shaped my worldview.
My family, mainly my parents has had the biggest impact on my worldview. Growing/being around my family so much introduced me to a lot of experiences and beliefs that they have also been through. My parents have taught me a lot of life lessons such as to be respectful, care for others, and admit to mistakes. Being respectful has made me a polite and courteous man. Respecting others makes me feel better because hopefully it makes the person’s day, and hope to get it in return. Caring for my family/friends has made me a loving person. Being compassionate to others to make the world more positive. Admitting to mistakes makes me a stronger and powerful inside. Taking responsibility for my actions makes me feel like a leader because I can admit to my wrongs.

Religion has also had a big impact on my worldview. Christian worldview impacts the moral choices I make by the principles of the religion. An example of the Christian worldview is that God created the entire universe. Because god created everything in the universe, this would mean that Christians believe in the foundation of creation. Also, the Christian worldview believes that god created the bible so that we could obtain knowledge and truths about life. Christians learn all morals about god when they read the bible. The bible is the only way to directly obtains gods will. Praying is also important to my Christian worldview. It is the only way to speak to god and build a relationship. Praying about things such as healing, wisdom, and success gives me confidence and god will respond by providing. Religion influences the decisions, behaviors and practices that I make.

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Personal experiences are the last impact on my worldview. While living life, I have gone through experiences that have shaped the way I see and think about things. Being around my family and friends and experiencing new things with them have also had an impact on my worldview. Experiences such as telling the truth, treating others how you want to be treated, and to only think positive have affected my worldview. Events and lessons are the most important factors about experience and you learn those most from it. Experiencing different cultures additionally has a major impact on my worldview. Traveling from the US to Canada made me realize how different people are. Eating different foods, hearing a different language, seeing different people, and playing different sports made me open minded and to accept different lifestyles and beliefs.

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