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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

The most impressive celebrations that are an important God in the Inca Culture. The part of the day is taken place at the Ruins of Sacsayhuaman. It’s really beautiful and the natural sense admiring the Sun. Andean Christmases started making it special in different ways of their own. Peru dishes are very rich and fulfilling. Some of the combinations of the dishes are Spanish and Chinese cuisine. It has traditional ingredients from there homeland. Tourists who visit Peru are able to taste some of there old favorites and may be surprised by their own different discoveries. Peru dishes include rice or potatoes with different types of meat. Some of the meat include lamb, chicken, fish or pork. The location depends on the type of dishes you have. Depending on where you might have locally grown peppers, including the yellow aji or red rocoto mixed. Some very important do’s and donuts are, don’t Annoy the locals, and some does are visit the different locations.
There are many artists who were born in Peru who have made a difference to there country. Susana Baca is a singer who was born 1994 in Chorrillos, Lima. She is one of the main stars in Afro-Peruvian pieces of music.she also won Latin Grammy Awards,. She was honored in 2011 as Peru’s Minister of Culture. Henry Ian Cusick is an actor. He was born on the north coast of Peru, Trujillo. He left Peru at the age of two. He ended up moving to Spain and then Scotland. Cusick has had so many roles some famous ones are scandal and the Hitman Movie.
Soccer, known as fútbol is the most popular sport in Peru. The top players in Peru are Teófilo Cubillas (called the Pele of Peru), Nolberto Solano, Juan Manuel “Loco” Vargas, Claudio Pizarro, Paolo Guerrero. Soccer is a male-dominated sport in Peru. The female population plays mostly volleyball. The top volleyball players are Cecilia Tate, Gabriela Perez del Solar, Natalia Málaga (considered Peru’s queen of volleyball).
Since the 1500’s the Catholic country, Peru takes honor in being Catholic. 90 percent are Catholics in Peru and 10 are part of the Protestant faith. Indigenous groups have also created a form of religion. Indian groups have combined Catholic saints with pre-Hispanic traditions. This is allowing them to keep ancient forms of worship under the guide of Catholic rituals. An example of this is the indigenous feast (summer solstice) is celebrated in many groups as the feast days of Saints Peter and Paul.

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