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The researcher adopted purposive sampling method to identify respondents for the study.
Purposive sampling is one of the types in non-probability sampling. The technique does not select a random sample from the universe, but selects samples based on certain subjective qualities. It is a favored form of sample selection when the researcher is not aiming to generate results to be used to create generalizations about the entire universe. Tashakkori & Teddlie, 2003, have explained purposive sampling to be one of the methods of sample selection in non-probability sampling which involves the selection of certain cases based specifically on a specific purpose. The technique of purposive sampling is specifically used when the researcher wants to (a) select a purposive sample that represents a broader group of cases as closely as possible or (b) set up comparisons among different types of cases and (c) to achieve a comparability across different types cases on a dimensions of interest.

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