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INTRO – Background

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Great morning to each and everyone, most especially to our lovable and beautiful teacher Ma’am Enerio.

The role of the youth in establishing the multicultural society. As the famous line made by Dr. Jose Rizal which state that Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan – The youth is the hope in our country. Which is true. Through the years a child is born and it will grow, go to school till they graduate and can continue with the good beginnings of our heroes.But are all the children the hope of our country? We can probably say no. Youth nowadays are different from the past. They’ve change they become moody insecure reckless argumentative and most of all rebellious.But have they ever thought that they have a role in establishing unity in a multi-cultural society?
Not all, because some of us thinks that our life revolves on cell phones internet and some social media’s.. but why don’t you look around and get your eyes open and observe whats happening in our multi-cultural society? Did you even wonder whats happening in our society?

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