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The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty
The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty share many similarities and distinctions. The
Roman empire was considered the largest empire to ever exist. It extended through
most of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. The Roman Empire lasted 511
years from 27 B.C.E to 476 C.E. On the other hand, the Han Dynasty lasted 400 years
from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E, and is considered one of China’s longest dynasties,
spreading between the southeastern and northeastern parts of modern China. Both
empires share many resemblances and differences in culture, technology, and
The Roman people value culture, and religion was a major part of the Roman peoples’
life. All Romans were expected to worship the emperor as if he was a God. Many
Christians refused to worship the emperor as a God and were arrested, some were put
to death. As time went on, new emperors took control. In the fourth century A.D,
emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion. This lead to the Christians
Being comfortable practicing their religion, not worrying about punishment. The Han on the other hand, had many religions brought upon them, the main religion was Taoism. Taoism consisted of ceremonies for religious and worship purposes

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