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The scale of incidence is unimaginably high, it happens to most youngsters, from primary school even into late adulthood.

A student of mine, Cinthia Prancisca from senior high school, wrote the following essay and I’d like to share it with you.

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What You Should Know About Bullying

You may think that this reading is not that important for you at this moment. But trust me, you will learn something after you read it thoroughly. So let’s start by recalling the first time you were being bullied or were bullying someone. Does it make you feel angry, sad? Or maybe good? Well mate, if you think that it is good, you must have lost your mind since that day.

The word “bully” was first used in 1530 and it had a completely different meaning compared to nowadays, which is now meaning “harasser of the weak”. As you all probably know, the victims are often girls because they tend to be more emotionally sensitive than boys. Research proclaims that these girls are becoming more physical than before, almost like boys. They mostly do the bullying in a form of taunting the victims’ physical appearance, behavior, social status, or even their diligence. While on the boys’ side, the victims are most likely the non-athletic ones. And above all, a really immoral thing is when the victims are people with disabilities.

What’s even worse is when parents are involved in the bullying. In this case, a mother acted as one of the bullies, when she made a girl named Megan Meier hang herself. Sure, parents or teachers could help to console these bullied victims at times, but mostly it doesn’t affect them much. There are many forms of bullying that we have to get rid of, such as cyberbullying, the most terribly dangerous nowadays. We definitely don’t want those students to skip school because they are afraid of being bullied. We have to protect our generation.

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