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The United Nations Security Council is an organ for dealing with immediate and series crises. The Security Council met in church House, in London, The Council’s membership included five parliament members: The republic of china, Soviet union, France, The United States and the United Kingdom. Later on the General Assembly had added six non-permanent members: Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Netherlands, Brazil and Poland. The United nations security council (UNSC) is one of the major organs of the United Nations .Consistent with article 24 of the United Nations Charter, the foundational treaty of the United Nations and the United Nations member states have conferred the primary obligation of preservation of the global peace and security to the security council and feature agreed that this body in order to carry on this task. According to this the Member States accepted to carry out the decisions and rules of the Security Council according to article 25 of the Charter. Other organs of the United Nations can only make recommendations to governments, the UNSC is the only organ that is able to issuing resolutions which are legally binding on all other member states

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