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The Unjust Truth Behind Trials in the Tale of Two Cities
What if you were guilty until proven innocent? The Tale of Two Cities was written with the French Revolution going on in the background of the book, and that is exactly what happened. People were tried until they were proven innocent, and most of the time time they weren’t proven innocent. By doing this, author Charles Dickens portrayed the horrible and gruesome outcomes of most of the trials. One character that goes through this experience would be Charles Darnay. During the French Revolution in 1789 unfair trials caused many to die, laws were not followed in the trials, and violence and injustice was caused. The trials in this book were very different from what they are and were supposed to be.

The unfair trials caused many to die . When most people had a trial, whether they were innocent or guilty, they would be sentenced to death. In the book Tale of Two Cities, Mr. Cruncher talks to someone, about Charles Darnay’s case. In which Mr. Cruncher says that the prisoner will be killed if, and only if he is found guilty. The man sitting next to him says, “Oh! they’ll find him Guilty” (Dickens 61). Meaning that the judicial system will find a way the prove Charles Darnay guilty. This is a far cry from the original intent of the government laws.

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Trials that took place did not follow the law. People were killed by the guillotine, for making little to no mistakes. The worst part is the government didn’t do much about it, because this act was continued for an extended amount of time. The second time Charles Darnay was tried, he was let free because he was Dr. Manette’s son-in-law. Although the third and final time Darnay was tried he

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