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The VSM facilitates the management in revealing the non-productive issues that are hidden within the current system (Thangarayoo and Smith 3). It also discloses some of the best choices to follow in future endeavors, raising the probability of improving performance. By allowing organizations to map out the current and future status of their value streams, they can easily examine each activity in the process to divulge its role in adding value from the point of view of the customer. To raise the possibility of maximizing the performance and effectiveness of a value stream, all activities that expose as non-value adding must be eliminated from the processes. Organizations must eradicate all activities with the possibility of being removed without catastrophic results from the system. However, for processes or actions that cannot be removed, the management should identify ways of improving them towards the future (Thangarayoo and Smith 3). This way, companies can reason towards providing answers to recurring issues within a process. VSM helps the management to identify hidden problems that hindered performance in critical management operations. According to Thangarayoo and Smith, “the act of removing wasteful activities in a value stream would aid in optimizing the business process and growing an enterprise capability (3, par. 4). Consequently, a business entity can reduce the production cost and improve the bottom-line of its business in the short and long run.
Kaizen 5S. A 5S is a tool designed to help organizations cope with wastes to grow its profitability (“Lean Management”). The name emanates from a list of five words describing things an organization should do to eliminate wastage. The words are straightened, sort, standardize, shine, and sustain. All the five are a translation from original Japanese words of similar meaning, namely, seiton, seiri, seiketsu, seiso, and shitsuke. Together, the terms explain ways a company should organize its workplace to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. This tool has become essential to Kaizen, an approach that TPS designed to organize activities in common sense, order, self-discipline, and economy.
• Sort (seiri) – an organization should categorize what is needed and what is not needed within an area to identify causes of problems. The main activities under this step include the removal of outdated materials, redundant files in a computer, and broken equipment. The management can ask the staff to identify all items that they do not utilize to improve understanding about the use and need. For items that are difficult to classify, the method advises that they are placed in a “holding place” for some time before their use is analyzed further.
• Straighten (seiton) – organize essential items in a way that they are readily available for use. The goal is to ensure that workplace tools are in a position where everyone can easily find them when they need to use them.
• Shine (seiso) – to maintain standards, as well as recognize defects early enough, it is essential to clean and inspect equipment and the workplace on a regular basis. Besides, it is essential to assign specific areas in the workplace a single activity at a time.
• Standardize (seiketsu) – under standardization, the principle of lean management stipulates that one use standard procedures to confirm the condition of items. This step also stipulates the necessity of revisiting the first three phases of the 5S on a frequent basis to certify that new issues the management identifies new issues, arrange items as necessary, and equipment and the workplace is clean. Notably, this stage helps the management identify abnormalities within processes.
• Sustain – observe all rules to maintain the set standards and regulations as well as ensure continuous improvement. It is the toughest step as many people may find it difficult to make some activities a habit.

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