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The world is changing and everything depends on us.


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Some(while only the rich or the geeks) everywhere in the house there is a voice command. The kitchen uses a Google home speaker to learn about recipes and weather. In offices, for example, there is Amazon Echo connected to a high-quality stereo system that is used to manage your music collection by voice. Do you think this will be enough? And as you for example, in the car talking to Siri and Google assistant.

Where will evolution stop? And more importantly, when?
It is possible that by 2025 voice systems will become so widespread, so powerful and so useful in all areas of business and our personal life that we no longer need smartphones.

I’ll try to prove it to you now, but what I represent is basically a world where bots recognize our individual voices wherever we go. They will understand us at home, in the car, in the office and between them. Even in noisy places like the airport, we’ll talk with headphones (not with the clock, by the way) to make calls, and use applications. When you want to watch a movie, we’ll be using a larger screen device like a tablet (and by that time a flexible folding screen) rather than a phone.

Meanwhile, Apple will switch to other devices, well, Samsung and Google, where without them. Gadgets in General will continue to migrate and become more hidden and obscure built into the wall, our vehicles and desks. Of course, the computer will survive. We will use it to work effectively in the next decade, although they can also be built anywhere.

Personal pocket assistants will become irrelevant.

Most of these forecasts are really based on how quickly AI improves. Now you can write texts using your voice and publish them to social networks. And it will get even better bots will learn to track our daily activities, find out what you usually do and even what you usually say, and automatically plan these tweets. Weather reports, stock market reports-all of them are ideal for voice transmission. Many of the apps you use today can already be easily ported to the voice interface.

What about those programs that don’t work without a voice? For example, a photo editing app or a favorite game? Either way, these actions are better suited for a larger screen. The game for some of us it is a relaxing activity, like watching a movie. Real photo editing works better on the laptop. The fact that smartphones will lose their power over us, when the voice gateways will take its place.

Why search the web weather site or use the app. What for? You can hear a detailed forecast using the voice assistant.No need to type anything, look at anything.

That’s what it means overload of the application.


So many of us scroll through the same apps all day, checking the same information when we can use AI to help us. There are times when you can’t talk to a bot, but to be honest, it’s situations where it makes sense to focus on those around you at a restaurant at dinner or at a Mall. Again, headphones will become our phones in crowded places, large screens will provide entertainment, a much larger screen or laptop will help us stay productive and for everything else, we’ll be using voice banners.

The smartphone will eventually turn into a relic of the previous generation or develop beyond recognition.

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