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There are many different conditions in which are needed for the growth of micro-organisms. For example, micro-organisms main source of growth is food, especially meat or protein such as fish or poultry. In order for the micro-organisms to grow at a faster rate is to find warmth. Identify the differences between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
Bacteria are very small singular organisms that can be found anywhere in the world.
Viruses are a coated genetic material in which is takes over the cells in our body and then starts a reproduction process. Which means the virus will multiply very quickly.
Fungi are a multi-celled living organism.
Parasites are different types of living plants and also animals which then benefit from using the plants and animals through their metabolism.

Identify common illnesses and infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
There are many illnesses caused, for example:
Bacteria – the most common illnesses caused by bacteria are ear infections, food poisoning, tonsillitis and bronchitis.
Viruses – the most common illnesses caused by viruses are the common cold, warts and the flu.
Fungi – there are many common illnesses caused by fungi, for example, ring worm, athlete’s foot, and also yeast infection.
Parasites – the most common illnesses caused by parasites are malaria and worms.

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Describe what is meant by ‘infection’ and ‘colonisation’
Infections are an invasion of body tissues which are from a disease. This is then called microorganism.
Colonisation on the other hand is where a multiplication of these microorganisms but without causing damage to body tissues or invasion through body tissues.

Explain what is meant by ‘systemic infection’ and ‘localised infection’
A systemic infection is where a type of infection is distributed throughout the whole body. On the other hand a localised infection, localises itself to one specific part of the body.

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