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There are many scholars conducted study on the relationship between extrinsic factors and performance. According to the study conducted by Gyamfi (2015) confirmed that there is a significant positive relationship between extrinsic factors and employee job performance at the bank. So, this statement supported by author studies by Qureshi (2009), Jones & George (2008). They have revealed the findings that employee performance has a positive impact on extrinsic rewards such as pay, bonus, and other fringe benefits.

Another study conducted by Hee & Kamaludin (2016) confirmed the extrinsic motivation positively correlated to nurses’ job performance. So, this shows that nurses’ performance will be increases when the extrinsic motivation such as salary and allowances increases as well. This result has been proven by another study conducted by Muogbo (2013) exposed that extrinsic motivation is significantly correlated to employees’ job performance. Another study proven that adoption of extrinsic motivation will influence the performance of bank tellers (Sleimi ; Davut , 2015). In contrary, a study investigated by Milka, Michael ; Tanui (2015) revealed that there is no significant relationship between extrinsic motivation and effective performance therefore a combinations of extrinsic motivation is needed in order to improve performance. This study basically adopted Herzberg theory (1959), and shows support for the influence of extrinsic factors on job satisfaction which leads to work performance.

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