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There have been some welcome changes in the last number of years for children with special education needs.
The White Paper that was issued in 1999 clearly states ” All students, regardless of their personal circumstances, have the right of access and to participate in the education system, according to their potential and ability”. Chevron Notes (2017). They also published a White Paper on early childhood education. This gave parents with special needs children to a wide range of services. Examples of these: more support to preschools who enroll children with special needs, offering visiting teacher supports, early intervention classes and childhood experts.
The department of education provides all education through a range of different supports. Examples: Special schools, special classes in main schools or they can be involved in mainstream classes. For this to happen each child is assessed individually and a plan is put in place for them. These changes have all resulted from the “Education for persons with special educational needs” (EPSEN Act 2004). When a child is placed in a mainstream school they now have access to resources such as teachers, special needs assistant and specialist equipment. Pupils who attend these schools now have access to special school transport (Flood, 2013)

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