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There is a convincing evidence of Type 1 diabetes mellitus results in childhood obesity in a recent research. In addition, some of the obese related chronic health problems such as Type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and hyperlipidemia formerly occurred only in adulthood but are commonly seen in some obese children groups nowadays 6.
What is Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus?
Type 1 diabetes mellitus results in the immune system is triggered and attack its pancreatic ?-cell as a consequence of insulin deficiency which impairs the regulation of blood glucose in the body system. Type 1 diabetes mellitus usually occurs among the young group of 30 years of age or even younger 10.
Type 2 diabetes mellitus relates to our skeletal muscles are resistant to the effects of insulin or the pancreatic ?-cells fail to function to produce adequate insulin for our body needs 10. Younger children diagnose with Type 2 diabetes mellitus not only means the prolongation of the disease but also is correlated with a high chance of pancreatic ?-cell dysfunction to progress and is possibly lead such cardiovascular disease, renal failure, impaired vision and amputations of the limbs of these complications presenting in adulthood if obese is left untreated 6. And these health issues can be prevented by modifying lifestyle in childhood.

How can I prevent this?
Modify children’s unhealthy eating habits, such as reduction of fast-food consumption and encourage of healthy foods intakes, such as milk, fruits and vegetables—a study reveals that large fast-food consumption in children is considered the prime contributor for this predominance of childhood obesity 9. Encouraging fruits and vegetable intake through school tuckshops as well as increasing parental knowledge to help to strengthen the healthy eating patterns 1. Fast food and sugary beverages contain more fat, carbohydrates and added sugar which is unnecessary and exceeding to our body needs 2.
Change a sedentary lifestyle-a 2007 United States research reported children spending about 4 hours watching TV as their daily basis 13. In contrast, routine exercise can help to gain skeletal muscle mass and to strengthen bone matrix. In addition, one of the important functions of skeletal muscle is to regulate the blood glucose level to maintain glucose homeostasis of our body and also decrease the resistance of skeletal muscles to the effects of insulin. Such these efforts can be improved through regular exercise 7.

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Hence, well balanced of nutrition through school educational campaigns and community nutrition workshops to increase health literacy and provision of physical exercise in schools and communities to increase the general level of physically active are playing a crucial role to prevent obesity and decrease the cost burden of families and communities through healthy lifestyle development 1.

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