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This article (Economic Globalisation, 2008) discusses the part of Globalisation which is more able to be seen, causes and effects of it, from an economic perspective. It maintains that Globalisation is clearer in manufacturing because many companies have too many subsidiaries in many countries. The article also talks about the economic impact and the gap between the rich and poor countries. The author states that due to Globalisation the time that people work is on the increase.
From an environmental perspective, Globalisation is not clearer only in manufacturing. It may be visible in the environment too. Many companies in order to build their subsidiaries are able to harm the natural world. For example, in many countries, there is not enough land to build their factories, thus they are trying to cut down trees, so as to be able to build there. In addition, many of these pollute the rivers and the air by the exhaust fumes and all of these have a major impact on global warming. The authors of the article also do not evaluate completely the impact of Globalisation on nations. Due to this phenomenon, not only people around the world do not close together, but the variance between rich and poor countries became even bigger. All this burden is on the poor countries because due to the rise of demand for work, people of these countries have to work too many hours for a low wage and without the government provide them with the appropriate education and health care as the rich countries. For instance, many immigrants have to work with the minimum wage, so they do not have enough money to send to their families. Globalisation should be a matter of equality, not superiority.

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