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This internship report is rationalized as a part of the fulfillment of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program of department of accounting and information systems, university of Dhaka. This is a compulsory part for the completion of the MBA program and it carries two credit as well. The whole internship program is supervised by an honorable faculty of the department who provides the necessary guidelines to complete the report. So this is a very good platform for the fresher’s who will soon enter into the corporate life to apply theoretical knowledge and gather practical experience to expose their excellency in professional life.

1.3-Objectives of the study:

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Broad Objective:-
The main objective of the report is to analysis the online banking services provided by Janata Bank Limited.

General Objective:-

? To study the general banking activities of Janata Bank Limited as a public commercial
bank, its formation, and its functional and financial aspects;

? To evaluate and analysis overall and comparative online banking services of Bangladeshi banking sector;

? To emphasis on online banking service system of JBL;

? To provide some recommendations according to the findings of this study.

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