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This is a template in which businesses utilize when giving it to applicants to fill out with past positions held, education and their contact details. They are generally submitted online which is to a great degree valuable since a huge number of individuals can have accesses to them and it is less demanding compared to if they where held in a physical store. They are useful and valuable for businesses as it makes it easier to analyse and compare the abilities and experiences of the applicants, this can prove rather difficult sometimes as there can be a great deal of applicants so it can be time consuming. They also are useful for if the business needs to get hold of an applicant as they have their contact details on them. However filling out and making an application form can be time consuming, with it being time-consuming it can put of applicants which could result in them loosing out on a specific job in which they had there eye on, this can be resolved by cutting down the amount quantity of information in which they have to fill out in the application form and just having the essential stuff on there that is useful for the business as the extra information can be collected via a phone call or interview. Often employees looking at candidates application forms do not spend a long time looking through al of them so a candidate needs to make sure there’s is unique and interesting so that it outshines the other application forms. Application forms are useful within the recruiting process as it allows the candidates to stand out by having a unique and interesting application form and be different from the other candidates, which are also applying to the same job. Additionally, employees utilize application forms to demonstrate that they are utilizing taxpayers’ money proficiently in recruitment processes. Employers also use application forms to check there candidates spelling, punctuation and grammar is make sure it is all used correctly. As well as this employers use application forms to find out additional information that isn’t voluntarily put on their CV this can be done through looking on their social media. The interviewee can also refer back to the application form and ask them about past experience etc.. Overall they help the interview process, as you are able to find out a lot of information about a candidate through an application form.

A job description is useful for candidates who want to apply for the job as it tells them all they need to know about the job as well as this it is useful for the HR department as they will often use this to make the job advert and make sure that it justifies everything about the job and the specific requirements needed and this is also useful as it makes sure that the right audience of applicants is attracted to that. It is also useful as it tells the candidates what attributes qualities are needed for the job and it also helps to filter out any candidates who do not have the needs that the business is looking for as if the individual is too look at the job description and see that they do not have that experience skill or qualification then they will often not apply this is useful as it means they only get the candidates with the skills and attributes needed. During the interview process the interviewee can refer back to the job description and ask the candidate to elaborate on the skills and experiences they have and to see whether they have any of the desirable attributes to more than likely people with all essential requirements and some desirable are likely to be more wanted and employable. Overall they help the interview process as it makes it easier to shortlist candidates who have the required skills, qualifications and experiences that are listed in the job description.

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This is useful for applicants as it tells them about what they need in order to effectively fulfil the job role and whilst reading this they can make the choice whether they think that they suite that role or not. The personal specification is also useful for the business as the main functions and skills needed for the job are stated and therefore when hiring it makes it easier as they can refer back to it to check to see if the candidate has all the essential attributes needed for the job. As well as this the business actually get the people they are looking for applying as they generally only apply if they have the specifications required. It is also useful as it lays out the clear guidelines for the applicants on what the business is looking for which is useful as it helps the applicants to understand them self to see if they are right for the job. If the have all the essential qualities then it often makes them want to set goals to try and achieve the desired ones also so this means the businesses will get people who have all the essential qualities as well as hard working employees as they are trying to reach the desire attributes also, this is useful for the business as they get qualified and skilled people as well as determined people who often end up having the desired attributes also. Overall the personal specification helps with the interview process as it tells the candidates what they need in order to apply and do the job role effectively and therefore it helps to narrow down candidates who don’t have the essential needs and if they don’t have them then they often wont apply this is useful as it saves time as they will only interview people with the essential needs.

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