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This paper will give facts and clarifications about his discipline which is in the field of Management. It will give out a detailed description of the experiences that led up to this course. Also, it will give out its strengths and also of course the educational background. This will be composed of three parts namely the Statement of Expertise, the Ethics Statement and also the Statement of Purpose. Each part will try to give the reader a clear picture of what the discipline will go through in order to optimize its potential and eventually building up its strengths along the way for the challenges that will come along, strengths that will build a solid foundation of hard work, perseverance and determination to succeed

1. Statement of Expertise
Management is a discipline that deals with the handling of different projects. It involves on the application of different set of skills like forecasting and operations, research techniques and the analysis of problems of business organization and performance. The use of a statistical model that will serve as your template in many, different business ventures and strategies. He has had experiences before handling different projects as a Project Management Intern. He also was able to attend a summer program as a Risk Management Intern wherein he participated in risk management policies & guidelines, loss prevention programs, and creating and updating content within risk management information systems. He also had extensive training that includes instruction in optimization theory and mathematical techniques, data mining, data warehousing, stochastic and dynamic modeling, operations analysis, and the design and testing of prototype systems and evaluation models.

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2. Ethics Statement
Management as a discipline refers to a specific code of conduct for managers and implies different ways of managing an enterprise. Regardless of the size of the business, clearly defined codes and closely monitored transactions should keep you from violating any laws, company or global, and render a workplace where employees feel comfortable doing the right thing. We are talking here about the professional, behavioral standards that have been put into place long before. Key components will be to have a company vision and mission statement that sets its direction on where it wants to lead. Such also is the open-door policy as a means management support with also the process of anonymity in case somebody reported ant unethical issues. Compliance to all financial reporting and any licensing requirements such as ISO 9000 by the International Organization for Standardization should be documented, along with all licenses that should be maintained and legal regulations met year after year. All these ethical standards should be the beating heart of the company that will promote honesty, integrity, respect and also flexibility. Personal responsibility and compliance are the key factors in upholding these by laws that sets your company apart from others. Good managers take care of clients while great managers take good care of employees who in turn will take care of the clients- Richard Branson. While every manager should answer to their superiors that follows a hierarchy, a manager should also be sensitive to everything that is happening to every subordinate and possibly know them personally so you’d know how and where to tap for their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Statement of Purpose
Being in the discipline of Management entails a huge responsibility. The company’s direction and future is in their hands. Enough is said about the purpose and governing ethical standards he should incorporate all together to gear the company towards longevity and survival. Close working relationships is also a key to make everybody see your vision for the company. Eventually, he would venture himself to performance management that will play a key role in improvement and development of the company or organization. He is planning to venture into a research of maximizing performance management for both the employees and management into a combined effort without sacrificing one or the other. Goals are to be set and a performance management cycle is to be implemented on both sides. Forecasting, planning, coordinating and controlling process should be incorporated in the performance management process. Now, why is it meaningful or valuable in society? Society needs good managers like Zuckerberg or Gates who were able to raise the bar in business management. All they have ever told why they succeeded in their chosen businesses is their commitment to the betterment of society in terms of living and comfort. Managers are valuable because they exemplify leadership skills because of their knowledge, experience and motivation to succeed. The decisions that they made should make all the difference.

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