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This short story by Caitlin Horrocks, which was originally published in “The Atlantic for Kindle” and may also be found in the anthology “The Best American Short Stories”, is one of the “what if” scenarios when we experience challenges in our lives. It’s that part wherein when you are running out of options and then you opt to just disappear or walk out of it, temporarily or permanent if possible. When the obstacles we’re facing seemed unbearable, you would feel like moving away from all them, take a rest or in this case, take a sleep. The main character has undergone a lot especially with the loss of her spouse to a car accident. This is the third short story she made and what makes it different from her previous short stories is that this one seemed to be lighter or silly if I may. Silly in a sense that people of the town, the protagonists can actually sleep for like months. Like there was a part there wherein they can do it for the whole winter! Over time, many people are actually joining in the sleep or hibernation as the book calls it and it has also gotten the attention of media. Now, the story also was able to point out the advantages it gives overall to the dying, small town of Bounty, in that they were able to save on electricity and gas. In fact, they began to sleep in groups or communal to further save energy. The story is so logically perfect and that if it is possible, why not do it. Animals do it. Actually, the author got inspiration from reading an article about historical sleep patterns and people having to hibernate in the winter. This is obviously fiction, but is set up in a situation that we can truly relay in our daily lives. As it has obviously pointed out, the economy is dying, the whole town, would just want to have all of their problems, to just pass by. It was also pointed out, that because of the long sleep; people got exempted from unfortunate events in their lives.

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