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Throughout life we all experience many fluctuations in our road to happiness. Sometimes we are completely content and other times we hope and pray for better luck. Even though we may not get what we want when we want it, that does not mean we should give up and let our body, mind and soul go into isolation mode, and feel lonely and not wanted. Happiness is not something that can be force to happen when you want it to happen it should be allowed to happen naturally, but sometimes it does need a boost, and some people over do it. Which leads them to place their self under stress which may lead to loneliness and then they may feel the need to isolate themselves because everything is not working out as they had planned.
In the painted door, we witness the protagonist, Ann who regret the way she dealt with her inner desires and personal needs. She was a farm’s wife who lived on an isolated farmhouse. Because of her lock of trust and patience she ended up going down the forsaken path of adultery which led to hurting the one person who loved her and did everything in his power to give her what he felt she deserved was john and all that pain and led to his death. Ann was only focusing and the things she new she could never have with john like going to dances, going to the neighbour’s for diner, or hanging out with friends etc…but it wasn’t all her fault, john’s way of expressing his love or is caringness to Ann was kind of depressing but it was the way he was and Ann knew that before she married him, therefore she should not be complains or wanting more but the mind is a funny thing and the heart is a next thing they are both different in so many ways but they both want the same thing to feel satisfied. Some may say that the mind is greedy but its not it just does what our heart is afraid to submit to, like all your deepest desires which in this cases Ann has always been untrusting, impatience. Everyday john would come home and eat and would only say a few words to is wife which made her feel lonely and isolated from him, just think of it everyday you all alone in the middle of nowhere in your little farm house no one around to talk to or keep your company this is the kind of thing which can lead to feel not wanted and to top it off when your husband comes home and does the same thing everyday its just as if he’s not even home. So Ann just wanted to feel needed just for once, which led her to commit adultery and cause the death of her beloved John, but she did regretted sleeping with Steven but it was to late and all the damage was done and it could not be undone.
Ann should have taken control of marriage and sat down with john and explain to him the way she has been feeling lately about their relationship, which may have helped to try and prevent everything that happened from happening. And again a relationship is not a one way street it’s a two way street. She also should have been grateful to have a husband even though he was not ideal and also for the company which was given to her, she was too focused on the thing she does not have or get to do with John, something in times like these, are when a person is being tested and they don’t even know, the cause of Ann’s mistake was not an her alone John was to blame for half of it.

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