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111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.
111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07310, U.S.

Today industrial marketers face several challenges when it comes to marketing an industrial product and quite often, marketers are at a loss to (device methodologies) how to overcome these challenges to keep their target audience engaged. In order to overcome these challenges to keep their target audiences engaged. Mr. Kishu Gomes shared his thoughts and insights on “Marketing an Industrial Product as an FMGC Brand” at the next Experience sharing Forum hosted by Sri Lanka institute of Marketing (SLIM). Mr. Kishu has served on the board of Caltex Lubricant India Ltd and is credited for the role he played as the only Asian representing the Asia Pacific Leadership team from 2002-2005.
Later he is the managing director/CEO of Chevron Lubricant Lanka PLC. Chevron in Sri Lanka has worked closely with the students of Mahanama College on numerous project. The “Haritha Gamana” program introduced to the school in 2005 was inculcate best practices in health, environment and safety.
And February 26,2008 : Caltex , a leader in lubricants Lanka PLC has come forward to sponsor the Ceylon Government Railways (CGR) volleyball team for 2008. Entering in to this new agreement with the Ministry to Transport, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC with sponsor both the men and women’s volleyball team of the Sri Lanka Railways.
Chevron Lubricnts Lanka PLC, the market leader in the local Lubricant industry, started a strategic partnership with Yamaha Motor company in Japan. And chevron would be producing Yamaha Genuine Oil under the brand ‘Yamalube’ for the Sri Lanka market.
Mr. Gomes and his wife Mrs. Shami ,decided one Saturday morning to experience wat it was like to use public transport to get around this lovely island of ours. The goal was to get up – close – and – personal feel for the people travelled.
The mission of Chevron Sri Lanka is “produce safe, reliable fuel products for people around the world.” Their brands are Chevron , Texaco ,Caltex for motorists. They provide aviations, chemicals ,fuels, lubricants, marine, base oils and process oils for businesses.
The services of Mr. Gomes, have unique qualities. He considers about high performance, diversity and inclusion, integrity and trust, protecting people and the environment and partnerships. That’s why those services and products are more useful and more successful than others.

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