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Today’s society will be forever changed if we allow scientists to modify humans through genetic engineering. Should one think of gene editing on a human embryo the same as a doctor performing surgery to correct a defect? Scientists offer the possibility of cures for diseases, and the potential to prevent human suffering through genetic engineering. Science is fallible; mistakes are possible and not reversible. Diversity among society today would become more extinct and humanity would no longer be judged on one’s race, background or religion but one’s genetic makeup. It would be negligent to allow scientists to continue with modifying humans through genetic engineering due to not following God’s plan and the long-term problems a child may encounter.
Genetic engineering has come an incredibly long way and has been used for several purposes such as agriculture, technology, and scientific research. Scientists believe that it is possible to help improve humans by modifying their DNA. According to Catalano (2012), “Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of an organism through the alteration of its genetic code. By removing sections of an organism’s DNA and replacing them with new segments, geneticists can artificially select for certain traits (Simmons)”. These modifying benefits can be passed on from generation to generation. Although the potential complications are unknown. Steere (2008) advised that scientists are working on methods for screening embryos to create the ideal child. Therefore, the responsibility of designing a future child is approaching the future. During these screenings only, the healthy DNA is used while the other DNA is removed. The foundations of these genetic alternations need to be brought to the forefront of today’s discussion before the technology is accessible without guidelines and restrictions are developed.
Genetic engineering is clearly not part of God’s plan. God makes people the way one is for a reason and reproduction should not be interfered with. Although in scripture it tells us that diseases occur due to Adam’s sin; humans need to be responsible for one’s physical health. In Ephesians 5:29 it states, “After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church”. Too much manipulation in humans through genetic engineering could interfere with things reserved for God. In Colossians 1:16 it states, “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.” God has a plan for the process of life and genetic engineering interferes with this plan.
Regalado explains (2016) that “By editing the DNA of these cells or the embryo itself, it could be possible to correct disease genes and pass those genetic fixes on to future generations”. The potential introduction of new diseases into the human gene pool and the effects on the individual are unknown. Many questions remain about the long-term safety of this editing process.
Scientists have found ways to change humans before they are even born through genetic engineering. To some degree, future children may be able to select what one’s own children’s hair color eye color and possibly one’s intelligence level. Fenech explains (2018) that, “The ability to choose the genetics of a child can create a disparity between how a child born with genetic modi?cations is treated and how one born without is treated. This could change the family dynamic and relationship, as the child born modi?ed would be viewed as biologically better than the siblings or other family members.” The long-term effects on an individual who has been genetically modified may be behavioral or emotional problems and social complications such as not feeling biologically related to the family. This potentially can lead to a low self- esteem, depression, and possibly suicide.
Some believe that genetic engineering is a chance for a healthier life. Scientists point out that doctors can potentially detect problems a child may have prior to birth. However, with modifying humans through genetic engineering, we would no longer have to worry about this situation. A great benefit to this is the possibility of helping cure diseases and children would be born healthy and strong. There would also be benefits to people who are not capable of having children due to a disease they are currently born with; gives them the chance to have a family. Scientists who are using this technology would be assuring parents that their children wouldn’t have the same struggles as the family in the past since they would be taking the diseased gene out. Although Catalano (2012) states “They make a good point when they explain why gene therapy is used to prevent disease, it is not much different than the medicine or procedures to cure it (Powell, Russell, and Buchanan).” Some diseases could be cured by replacing faulty sections of DNA with healthy DNA; which could have a huge impact on society’s future.
While it may sound impeccable to be able to create “perfect babies”, it is anything but. Science is flawed especially when humans are involved it is inevitable. If permission is given to scientists to genetically engineer humans, there is still a danger that could lead to complications, which may include premature birth, miscarriage and even abortion. The potential enhancement of modifying through genetic engineering may result in unintended defects that are not reversible and provides no guarantee that the diseases will be cured. The intimate relationship humans have with God could also be altered when genetic engineering occur; leading to devasting effects since God is our strength. Although as a society we might be technically ready to perform genetic engineering, ultimately the responsibility is not ours to make.

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