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Unfortunately stereotyping is a generalization of the way we see people that are from a different group or category, which can lead to an offensive perceptions of others. Not all stereotypes are necessarily negative. some do not slander a race, culture, gender, or religion, but nonetheless generalize a group of people that may or may not be true.”The myth of the latin woman” by Judith Cofer and ” Mother tongue ” by Amy Tan shares common and different stereotypes they both had to go trough. In the Myth of a Latin woman Cofer talks about all the hardships and prejudice she went trough as a latina living in America. To support her point she gave example on her first poetry reading, an older woman motioned Cofer to her table “Thinking (foolish me) that she wanted me to autograph a copy of my brand new slender volume of verse, I went over. She ordered a cup of coffee from me, assuming that I was the waitress”. The author showed some more stereotypical situations that she had to put up with, such as the ” hot tamale ” and how men treated some women because they were Latina. In “Mother tongue” Amy shared her and her mom personal experiences being stereotyped because of her language barrier.
Even though they both females authors that shared the same similarity in getting stereotyped by the society, they had different reasons on why they were stereotype. Tan explained how people coildnt take her mom serious of the ” limited English”, and how that affected her growing up in school and in her career. Tan story can relate to all the immigrant families that went through similar prejudice which is not right or fair towards them

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