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‘ve been reading some of the previous answers, and they all tend to agree – youth today are not the same as they were in “my” day! I’ve said before that this complaint has been in existence since at least Aristotle, and in all likelihood, long before then.

I’m going to take a different tack and say “none.”
I remember, as a child, watching a current show talking about “that women’s lib thing.” The joke in the show was that the man saying it was a former cop, and had been pulled over for speeding – turns out, the cop that pulled them over was a woman. Today, the thought of being surprised at a female cop, or a female service member is unthinkable. While there is still a pay gap, women are routinely accepted in almost all the roles that were traditionally “men’s work.”
My father grew up in the era of the Civil Rights era. As a kid, conceiving of a black President would have been inconceivable.

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His father grew up in a time when marrying outside your tribe (in my case, Polish-Americans) was nearly unthinkable – my father married my mother first – a Dutch American, and then my step-mother – an Italian American.

The fact is, we humans evolved a certain set of values a long time ago. These values enabled our species to survive. Defend the tribe. Beware of the other, for they may be a threat. Feel empathy when a member of the tribe is hurt. All these things. The difference between then and now is that our species is slowly beginning to realize that “tribe” might just mean all homo sapiens after all.

And in every generation since the beginning, it’s been the kids (the ones who reject our “values”) that have demanded this expanded thinking. Speaking strictly from the US point of view (that’s where I’m from, so it’s what I know) – it was Northern troops who served with blacks during the Civil War that voted to allow blacks the right to vote. It was younger Americans who supported the Civil Rights movement that ended segregation in our country. It was younger Americans that opposed Vietnam and finally brought an end to our involvement there. It was younger Americans that voted for our first non-white President. It was younger Americans that demanded gays be treated the same as straights.

In every generation. All of them since the beginning of the human race, it’s been the younger people who have demanded that because the “old ways” weren’t good enough that we must have new ways.

So, the truth is, kids today posses the same value we did when we were their age – the ability to see how the world around them could be bet

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